Personal Care Molecular Imaging - #1 Choice Of The Best Doctors
Patient Prep for PET Scan 
(there is no prep for PET bone scans)
-No food, snacks or liquids, except plain water for 6 hours prior to your exam
-Diabetics: Fast for 5 hours and continue taking your medication. Take insulin at least 6 hours prior to your exam
-Please take any medications that you can take with water
-Avoid exercise for 48 hours prior to your exam
-No chewing gum on day of exam
-Low carbohydrate/high protein diet 48 hours prior to your exam
-Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and wear minimal jewelry; no metal on clothing
-Please allow 3 hours for your exam
-Please let us know if you are pregnant or nursing 
-Especially during the winter months, please try to keep warm for 3 days prior to your exam (warm clothing, higher temperature setting in home)
Personal Care Molecular Imaging
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